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MARCH 2024

Remembering Spaces of Internment/

Se rappeler les espaces d'internement/Recordando Espacios de Internamiento

Call for Papers:  15 October 2023

Symposium: 7–8 March 2024

Remembering Spaces of Internment (ReSI) invites broad and interdisciplinary reflections on spaces of internment and on their erasure of which they are often the object. Internment, as ReSI examines it, is distinct from imprisonment; it concerns the deprivation of liberties due to administrative or military decisions, not judicial ones. Places of internment are a contemporary phenomenon linked to the emergence of and consolidation of public administrations. Such places have been present since the 19th century and on all inhabited continents. Even if designated as places of “exception,” their presence is structural. In this respect, places of internment contradict principles of the rule of law. Additionally, if the phenomenon of internment overlaps with that of the camp, it is not completely superimposed: internment can take place in other spaces, and the camp is not always synonymous with internment. Nevertheless, spaces of internment have rarely been the subject of a transversal study that accounts for the extent of the phenomenon. ReSI’s aim is to establish a research network in order to collectively reflect on the subject. (See

Building upon ReSI’s first symposium (Paris, 9-10 March 2023), ReSI’s second gathering in North America will continue this reflection on spaces of internment and to expand the research network. This call for contributions welcomes proposals addressing all genre of research concerning places of internment across geographic areas, disciplinary methods and perspectives: social sciences, humanities, architecture, arts, and so on. This symposium, while open to all types of contributions, encourages proposals on three specific areas:

Institutions and the logics that preside over their establishment, management and dissolution.

The materiality of buildings, their uses and traces.

Memory and re-membering of these places and the practices related to them.

Proposals for contributions (in English, Spanish and French, one page maximum) should be sent to, before September 15, 2023. For any other questions, please write to The symposium will take place in Tucson, Arizona on March 7 and 8, 2024. In-person participation will be prioritized.

ReSI’s 2023-5 series of symposia and conference is funded by the Transatlantic Research Partnership, a program of the FACE Foundation and the French Embassy, with the participation of the University of Arizona and local partners.

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